Bolesław Tomaszewicz

Painter and teacher. Born on 2 October 1863 on the Kolun estate, Dvinsk County (today, Daugavpils), mentioned until 1914. Having finished a non-classical secondary school in Dinaburg, he arrived in Vilnius to study art at the Vilnius Drawing School. From 1883, he studied painting at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. After finishing his studies, for some time he worked as a teacher of drawing in Vitebsk, Ashmyany, Halshany and Kreva. Tomaszewicz painted realistic landscapes and portraits, but is best known as a painter of genre scenes. He depicted scenes from provincial and everyday life of peasants, city residents and children. He was active in the exhibition scene of Vilnius.

Reference: Académie de Vilna. VILNIUS DRAWING SCHOOL 1866–1915. Exhibition Catalogue. Compiled by dr. J. Širkaitė, Vilnius 2017, P. 340.