Lukasz Smuglewicz

The painter ŁUKASZ SMUGLEWICZ (1709–1780), who is better known in Lithuania as the father of the artist Franciszek, was born in Žemaitija, but lived in Warsaw. He studied painting under the Late Baroque master Szymon Czechowicz, and in the middle of the 18th century they established the first private painting school in Warsaw together. Lukasz Smuglewicz was highly respected by his contemporaries, and was appointed court painter to the king. The talented artist received many prestigious commissions: he decorated the mansions of the nobility with paintings, and produced a number of works for churches in Poland. In his paintings and frescoes, features of Late Baroque intertwine with Rococo, and features of Rococo intertwine with Classicism. 

Reference: Art album "Heaven and Beyond"; compiler D. Vasiliunienė, authors D. Vasiliunienė and S. Urbonienė. Vilnius, VALIUNAS ELLEX, 2016. P. 56.