Gabriel François abbé Coyer

Gabriel François, abbé Coyer, was a French man of letters and worldly cleric born in 1707. He entered the Society of Jesus, studying humanities and philosophy until he left the order in 1736. He then became private tutor to the young Duke of Bouillon (Prince of Turenne at the time) in 1741. There followed public functions that saw him in attendance at some battles of the War of the Austrian Succession (1740-48). His many works include a history of the Polish king Jan Sobieski, travel accounts of Holland and Italy, a study of ancient religions, belles-lettres, and a popular attack on the guild system, Chinki. He became a member of the Royal Academy of England and the Academy of Nancy. It is said that when he visited Voltaire at Ferney and announced his desire to return each year for three months, Voltaire replied that whereas Don Quixote had mistaken inns for castles, Coyer was mistaking castles for inns. He died in 1782.

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