Marcelli Januszkiewicz

Draughtsman, decorator. Born in 1806 in Jaltuškove (Ušico County), died in 1859 in Vilnius. Son of Martynas, a Vilnius decorator. He attended the Vilnius Gymnasium, studied painting at Vilnius University from 1820 to 1828, and in 1828 received the degree of Candidate of Arts.M. Januševičius was a creator of architectural landscapes, painted in thick watercolours and oils, and drew. His works are more important from an iconographic point of view and their artistic value is limited. He liked to depict the monuments of the old architecture of Vilnius, some of which no longer exist today. Others were no longer available in his time, and he copied them from Piero de Rossi (Ruins of Vilnius Lower Castle with the Cathedral, watercolour, LNM). He also made other copies: he copied paintings from the Nesvizh Gallery for the Radvila family, the collection of Stanislaus Augustus for the Rev. J.K. Boguslaski. In 1848-1854 the artist worked as a decorator at the Vilnius City Theatre.

Source: Collections of Lithuanian museums (LIMIS).