Liucija Bałzukiewiczówna

Łucja Bałzukiewicz (Bałzukiewiczówna, 1887–1976) was one of several women artists of the beginning of the 20th century. It is interesting that both of her brothers chose to be artists too: Józef became a painter, and Bolesław a sculptor. She went to Paris to develop the artistic skills she had acquired at Ivan Trutnev’s school, although the Neo-Impressionist influence of her Parisian teacher Olga Boznańska rarely shows in her work.

Reference: "More Than Just Beauty. The Image of Woman in the LAWIN collection." Compiled by G. Jankevičiūtė. Vilnius, LAWIN, 2012., P. 126.

Born in 1887 in Vilnius, died in 1976 in Lublin. Sister of Józef and Bolesław Bałzukiewicz. Circa 1902–1906, she attended the Vilnius Drawing School. In 1907, she left to study in Paris, where for three years studied under painter Olga Boznańska, and in her free time copied works of the great masters of painting in Louvre. In 1912, she returned to Vilnius, and in 1912–1913, worked in Grodno. In the years of World War I, together with Ferdynand Ruszczyc she put effort into founding the artists’ community “Vilnius Guild” (Cech Wileński), and restored paintings for Vilnius churches. She painted realistic portraits, landscapes, interiors, religious and genre compositions, and still lifes with flowers. Some landscapes show the influence of impressionism. From 1946, she lived in Poland.

Reference: Académie de Vilna. VILNIUS DRAWING SCHOOL 1866–1915. Exhibition Catalogue. Compiled by dr. J. Širkaitė, Vilnius 2017, P. 94.