St Anthony’s Apparition
St Anthony’s Apparition

St Anthony’s Apparition

Author: N / A

Created: 1846.

Material / technique: oil on canvas.  

Dimensions:  62 x 57 cm.

The artist's paintings were found in Mažeikiai, Skuodos, Telšiai districts.

St Anthony is portrayed wearing a brown Franciscan habit and a shaved tonsure, holding Baby Jesus in his arms. This depiction is rooted in a legend of St Virgin Mary and Child appearing before Anthony as he was praying. During his travels across Italy as a missionary and divinity teacher, Anthony was known for his sermons, indulgence towards heretics and prisoners, and the miracle of bringing a donkey to its knees before the Holy Sacrament. He is considered to be the patron saint of the disadvantaged, children, and women.

Published: "A Collection of Traditional Folk Sculptures by Gediminas Petraitis". Museum and Collector, Vilnius: National Museum of Lithuania, 2012, P. 190.