Tadeusz Łukaszewicz

Tadas Lukoševičius (1802-1842) – painter and graphic artist. Son of the painter Antanas Lukoševičius. He studied at the school of Lyskovo Monastery. From 1825 to 1829, he attended the lectures of Jonas Rustemas (Jan Rustem) at Vilnius University in the capacity of a non-degree student. Tadas Lukoševičus was interested in carving. He earned his living from private drawing lessons. Since 1829, he was financially supported by the Plater-Zyberk family, studied at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts led by Peter Cornelius as well as Joseph Bernhardt (in the field of portrait painting). In Cornelius’ workshop, he met Titas Bičkauskas from Vilnius and Aleksandras Leseras (Lesser) and became friends with them. In 1839, he officially enrolled to the Academy of Fine Arts indicating Vitebsk as the place from which he arrived. He became a member of the Kunstverein Munich before his death. He created portraits, landscapes, paintings of household scenes. He created copper carvings and lithographs, illustrated the books published in Vilnius (a portrait of Pranciškus Karpinskis for a book by Antanas Kornilovičius about his life, 1827). 

Reference: SAP, V (V. Drėma); “Vilnius Art School and its traditions”, p. 271.