Jakub Wujek

Jakub Wujek (1541—1597)  - Vujekas was born in Poland, studied in Krakow and later continued his studies in a university in Vienna, after which he joined the Order of the Jesuits and returned to Poland. In 1570, he was awarded the highest academic degree, Doctor of Theology. For some time he was in charge of the Jesuit College in Poznan. Later he travelled to Vilnius and served as the last rector of the Jesuit College from 1578 to 1579, when the college became a university. That autumn Vujekas left for Hungary as the leader of a Jesuit mission. He died in Krakow. Vujekas was a well-known Polish erudite who taught Hebrew (a large part of the Old Testament is written in this ancient Jewish language) in the Jesuit College of Vilnius. Vujekas’ translation into Polish was declared the official translation and reprinted for several ages.