Alberto Wijuk Kojałowicz

Albertas Vijūkas-Kojalavičius came from a rich bayor family in Kaunas and completed his studies in Vilnius University. Working as a professor in the university, he wrote “Lietuvos istorija” (“The History of Lithuania”), which was based on Strijkovskis’ chronicles, but rewritten in accordance with “literary requirements” and Kojalavičius’ own views. Kojalavičius’ history was written in Latin, in a style commonly associated with the humanist period, but his views on the state and the role of Christianity in Lithuania were typical to the mid. 17th century. 

References: Jurginis Juozas, Lukšaitė Ingė. Lietuvos kultūros istorijos bruožai (Feodalizmo epocha. Iki aštuonioliktojo amžiaus). Vilnius: „Mokslas“, 1981, p. 288, 289.