Michał Kazimierz Pac

The Pac family was one of the most influential noble families in Lithuanian politics after the Radvila family. Kristupas Pacas, the bishop of Samogitia, served for some time as the Secretary of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the prelate of Vilnius and the bishop of Smolensk. In 1667, he became the head of the diocese of Samogitia and resided for a long time in the town of Alsėdžiai, where he continued to participate in Lithuanian politics. When the wooden church of Varniai was destroyed in a fire, he built a new stone cathedral and donated a considerable fortune to it. During his time as bishop, churches were built in Gaurė, Šatės, Šakyna, and a house for retired priests was built in Plateliai. Pacas was tough with heretics, sought to eradicate reprehensible behaviour, and solved the problem of beggars: he ordered the genuinely poor to wear specific signs and allowed them to travel in his parishes and collect alms, while those deemed able to work were prohibited from begging. Pacas was a supporter of Lithuanian nationalism and encouraged priests to learn Lithuanian. He was keenly interested in the affairs of the common people. Pacas died in 1695 and was buried in the Cathedral of Varniai. 

Reference: "The Collection of Lawyer Jaunius Gumbis: the Past Preserved in Books". Museum and Collector - 7. Vilnius: National Museum of Lithuania, 2018, p. 122.