Andrzej Jozef Hintz

Andrius Juozapas Hintzas (Andrzej Jozef Hintz) (the name mentioned from 1807 to 1842) – painter. A Prussian citizen, father of Konstantin Hintz, the painter. The date and place of birth are unknown. In 1807-1812 he studied at Vilnius University (VU), the Faculty of Literature and Arts under J. Rustem; on 15 February 1812, he took an exam in drawing and painting. In the same year, he visited Warsaw, after which he he lived and worked in Krakow in 1815, where he held exhibition of his works. He travelled extensively, visiting Petersburg and Moscow, and often stayed in Vilnius (in 1820, 1835-1837, 1842). He painted commissioned portrait miniatures, portraits in water colours. His name was mentioned in historical sources until 1842.

Reference: Lietuvos dailininkų žodynas, vol. II: 1795-1918, compiler Jolanta Širkaitė, Vilnius: Lietuvos kultūros tyrimų institutas, 2012.