Petras Kalpokas

Petras Kalpokas (1880-1945). P. Kalpokas learned to paint in Mintauja under V. Purvitis. He studied in Munich under A. Azbé, and was a member of the Vienna Artists’ Association Secession. P. Kalpokas participated in all the major exhibitions of Lithuanian art. Before 1920 he lived in Switzerland, Hungary, Latvia and Italy. He painted landscapes, historical pictures, created scenography and works of monumental art. He was one of the most famous Lithuanian landscapists influenced by impressionism. He painted one of the very epic Lithuanian landscapes, (Autumn, 1921). The Tivoli landscapes, painted by P. Kalpokas, are among the most outstanding Italian landscapes in Lithuanian art.

Reference: Art album "The World of Landscapes" (Volume I). Compiled by N. Tumėnienė. Vilnius, LAWIN, 2010, P. 120.